Gershon Dublon: From wetland acoustic monitoring to feedback sensing for mind-wandering, sleep, dreams

Come learn about wetland acoustic monitoring and human-in-the-loop feedback sensing for mind-wandering, sleep and dreaming. Tune in to hear Gershon Dublon at 10h00 CET on THU, 1 July 2021, limited seating in Salle Shannon at IRCAM (zoom link TBA).

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Elaine Chew gives Public Lecture @ MIT’s Music and Theater Arts

Musical Structures, Performances, and Arrhythmias Date/Time: Thursday, 21 November 2019, 5:30pmLocation: MIT Room 4-270Street address: 182 Memorial Drive, Cambridge MA 02139, USA AbstractMusical performance is widely regarded to be one of the most breathtaking feats of human intelligence, but the nature of this creative act remains illusive and studies on expressive performance still lag behind […]

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Data Science @ Uni Vienna Distinguished Lecture

A chance encounter with Professor Immanuel Bomze at the EURO conference in Valencia, Spain, in the summer of 2018 led to an invitation to give the third distinguished lecture, titled “The (Data) Science of Time: From Music to the Heart,” at the new Data Science @ Uni Vienna lecture series on 17 January 2019 hosted by Professor […]